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Guy Ellis

A battle lost, is a small step towards winning the war.
A checklist for making excuses: 1. Did you ask to be born into the world? 2. Did you choose the genes that made you? 3. Did you design the childhood that made you? 4. Do deserve a space in the world you belong to? 5. Do you have a voice to be heard in the first place? 6. Should you care if others don't "get it"?
A mind at war with itself can not rembember "eternal gentleness" (the touch of God).
Admire beauty in others and do not try to own them. Enjoy and admire only. If you see none look again, if you still see none, look elsewhere. Remember that each and every person is responsible to use his abilities, mind, and skills, to take care of himself. You can guide, but not interfere.
An old man told me, when I was young; "all your wishes will come true, but you must have insight to see them", and now 30 years later I agree with him.
Are you planting what you want in your mind? Is it all coming from your mind?
Be aware of your own infinite nature and infinite possibilities will appear. Be certain of your limits and there they are.
Biological entities are recpetors for the real entity of spirit.
Chances are if you've tried a book, a film, a website, an idea, that you first heard about it from someone. Word-of-mouth is powerful but it takes time because you have to get enough people to read your book to tell their friends. Also you have to practice and distribute until you find what clicks. Eventually you find the recipe for lasting success.
Common sense, always makes sense, and immediately, if it is logical and transparent. Regrettably the same sense often keeps you from your dreams.
Continue the fight when you're hit the hardest. Those who finish the fight, standing or not, are the champions.
Do not rely on anyone for anything, particularly not your ideas.
Do you see someone or something beautiful? Admire it and let it show. It will love you for it.
Don't forget that no-one gives up power - or respect - you wouldn't either. Particularly when you believe you're right. But to transform you must give up your power.
Don't forget that the Internet was designed as a weapon of war. It has nothing to do with privacy, but with control of land, resources and manouvre. You as an individual has no meaning to the power elite, except as a number.
Don't make the mistake of assuming that civilization has removed us from the jungle. We are still wild predators, except we have wrapped illusions around us.
Ef ţađ er ekki húmor í ţessu, ţá er ekkert gaman ađ ţessu.
Every time I open a letter. Even if I know it's a bill, I say to myself and even out loud: Perhaps there's a check for me in that envelepe!
Fake people have an image to maintain. Real peopld don't care (Unknown). Fake people control this world. Therefore the world must be fake. Thank God I don't care (so much)
God can strengthen your heart and transform it. To let him inside, you have to repent from your past. This means that you identify your misdeeds and try to avoid repeating them.
God knows where you will be in a thousand years, and that this path is the right direction, and that you'll be laughing at it one day.
Have you noticed how life echos? Try this for 30 days: Speak kind words, only. Create smiling thoughts, only. Motivate, only. Try not to hear the echo.
Have you noticed how life echos? Try this for 30 days: Speak kind words, only. Create smiling thoughts, only. Motivate, only. Try not to hear the echo.
Have you noticed that most of life's advances are in the quiet and boring now?
How can freedom for the individual be an issue? Within every group there is always freedom for the individual. Except in a limited way, the only way for you to be totally free is in a limbo where there are no ideas, no other people and no difficulty to feed. Freedom is a total illusion.
How to identify a psychopath? Wait for political news ...
I am a champion of a new constitution for Quantum Democracy.
I am blessed with four sacred guardians; faith, love, respect and truth.
I am the mountain. I am the Ocean. I am strength. Bring it on baby.
I don't know how many days I have left. Not one of them is for sale.
Í hverju augnaráđi, manna sem hunda, býr leyndardómur, stundum augljós og stundum hulinn. Rétt eins og himingeimurinn er fullur af litlum ljósum punktum, sem viđ nefnum stjörnur. Ađ sjá stjörnur í öllum sínum dýrđarljóma er list. -HundaZen
I like stories. That's why I like Televesion. Two years ago I made an experiment. I turned off the TV, and began to listen. First I heard silence in my house, and from that silence I heard my own story. At first it was painful. Then it turned interesting. Then I began to hear stories from the people around me. When I miss television, I turn to someone and ask for a story. I'm never bored.
I'd rather be sexy than handsome and charming.
Id' rather be poor in Iceland than rich anywhere else.
If it's imaginable, it'd doable.
If soldiers where not afraid. They would not march, and not kill.
If the conspiracies were right they'd see further than they seem to. They never explain the purpose of the conspiracies beyond "control" and "death" or "destruction". They never point to what would happen a century later. They only focus on the fear and anger of present moment, connecting past dots to argue their views.
If you don't have hate-speech then you don't have free-speech; and you're in the dark ages, no matter how much freedom for holidays or how many gadgets you've got. Free thought and inspired dynamic society only thrives if we have free-hate-speech; even if we hate it.
If you don't obey, the system halts. Same if you don't consume. Same if you don't use printed money (use only coins).
If you don't selfeducate you're hypnotized, either by yourself, or someone else.
If you follow others you'll get where they are, and when they stop you'll stop. If you walk along you'll end up where no-one's ever been. I'm where few have been - it's a nice place - and I'm looking for a way back, to tell the others ...
If you know what you stand for, nothing stands in your way
If you know what you stand for, nothing stands in your way.
If you know what you stand for. Nothing stands in your way.
If you still believe in "you", then "You" have a long way to go.
If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
In Iceland we used direct democracy in every community around the country for four centuries. Then there was Althing which synchronized the communities for the whole country. It was very popular but destroyed 800 years ago by European powers. Many of us are trying to re-establish it, because this wonderful solution denied corrupt powers any foothold, but we're considered to be nuts. The method we use, Civil Boycott - we refuse to obey or to be goverened.
In response to Rumi's "You have escaped the cage, your wings are stretched out. Now fly!" The interesting thing is, to escape your own cage and grow your own wings, nobody can tell you how. Most who have, cannot tell you how they did. They can at most tell you their stories, and you can at most discover your own.
In the void begins creativity.
Information deprivation in a garden of knowledge. I read that something fifty years ago cost a million dollars. Then I read that something today cost a million dollars. But what does it mean? Fifty years ago you could buy ten times more for the dollar than today. So the dollar is worthless given time, and so is the illusion you'v attached to it. What is the writing on the wall?
Is the world mechanical? Is it controlled by spiritual or ethereal being? I believe it is neither. I'ts alive.
It has to do with focus. When I'm sick I don't focus on "I am sick". I don't allow myself to feel sorry for myself. But think continuously about how I feel when I'm not sick. Then I drive my mind all the time through "I don't have time for this, I want to get up!" This has always worked. Through the years I've learnt to keep my mind focused on health, wellbeing and strength at all times. Therefore I am almost always energetic.
Just because speed happens, doesn't mean that speed matters.
Just make it, and don't think. The moment you think about it, it becomes an object. While you don't think it's an expression of life.
Lack of decision makes lack of action.
Life requires war, freedom is illusion and ignorance is wisdom.
Live Your Life To The Fullest. Embrace Your Truth And Don't Be Scared.
Living is Loving each moment, and seeing its potential. But to see it, you have to step out of yourself, and see you, as the eternal you of life.
Living without judging is a great palace to live in.
Love and Peace. Don't underestimate my sweetness, or I'll whip your ass.
Low self esteem is very interesting sometimes. Today I had a conversation with someone who's highly intelligent, successful and clear minded. I felt for a while a very low self esteem. I felt myself lacking. In a moment of reflection I realized that I was wrong. Everyone you meet and can admire are an inspiration. Be inspired by others exmplae, to expand your boundaries. If they felt you were inferior, they wouldn't be your friends.
Mohammad really said "I am the latest prophet of God". There is a difference between last and the latest. God cannot be confined to a static box.
Moving yourself outside of the ego is the best way to see others, for what they are, and not through your old filters.
My mind is a reflection, of what I do not know. My Soul is also a reflection, of what I hope to know.
My whole being was seeking for something still unknown which might confer meaning upon the banality of life.
Never love anyone for a reason, never ever explain why you love anyone. Remember loving things is not love. Reject love, convince yourself you cannot love. Purge love from your soul. Slowly, ever slowly, you will discover what true love is, and you'll love for the sake of love itself. And who you love, is simply someone you give your love to, without needing to be loved. For love loves you. Love is life, and living is loving. For no reason. Except: If you must have a reason: for the joy of life.
Notice that thinkers you listened to two decades ago are influencing people in the system, and you can also influence.
One third of pollution is gazoline and related industry. If we'd turn to Diesel only, then pollution would drop 20% in a couple of years. If we'd use less lighting and other comforts, another 15%.
Open to everything, attached to nothing. The universe is constantly creating.
Our minds receive from the soul - sacrifice your soul and something else replaces the channel - purify your spiritual awareness (stand by your values) and you cannot so easily be overpowered or overcome.
People often make the mistake to expect kindness, to always be kind and mellow. Don't assume that kindness is weakness, because for some people use good manners as a form of respect and use strong will to be kind to those undeserving of kindness. We are much deeper and broader, and more powerful, than the roles assumed.
People suffer for one reason only; inability to define purpose to their lifes. All other explanations are details to variations of this understnding.
Placing value on what humans know is the beginning of the valley of sorrow. That's where the stand for violence and judgement begins.
Resolve is a spiritual element belonging to your soul. When you begin to work with your soul and allow it to use your mind - your ego - as a tool, then you'll begin to live your life.
Respect is the root of love.
Secret of being is like flipping a card.
She: I don't get it, this obsession you have with cars. He: See that shoe shop over there?
Sometimes the right people cannot get in, because of all the people you fear rejection from.
Sometimes when my dog is agitated I say loud "I am the mountain" and he calms down like a mountain. I've begun using this in various ways: I am the mountain. I am the sea. I am the wind and the rain. It works wonders.
Stars have awareness. They shine to light up the universe. Eventually they transform, into someone like you. Some of them continue to shine.
Starting over? Throw out everything and create a new start, now.
That one company can have a higher income than a nationstate, or that an individual can collectively own more than the individuals in his town combined; is an insult to everything I'm taught a human being stands for.
The best in life requires courage and sacrifice. Especially in face of 'opinions of others'. When you discover this, you'll find Yourself, and then you will find the meaning of happiness.
The cemeteries are full of people who always did the right thing.
The created world is a manifest vibration of light. But there is also black light.
The first step to knowledge is "I don't know" and the illusion of knowledge begins with "I know".
The greatest mystery of life: Nobody knows why we live. We just live. And Loving it is living it. God bless.
The ones we're fighting against, are not people or objects, but a mindset. A mindset can appear to be pleasing but might still be evil, therefore you must seek the fruits and not the explanation.
The prophet Jesus spoke of Second Death. It is still a secret. For a wise reason.
The world reacts to your wishes, your will, and your fears. It's a game of fun and illusions. Those with highest score, are those who don't care if they win or lose.
There is a crack; allow some light to seep in. Please, for Love's sake.
There is a spiritual secret for souls; many prophets have called it Second Death. We are trying to reach Souls and give them what they need to find their way through it.
There is an illusion within an illusion and the one who sees through the confusion, stands alone in the storm of egotistical self sanctimonious opinions.
There is darkness deep, so deep, within the monster of my soul, buried in dark chambers and corridors, uncountable levels below "the labyrinth of the hairy monster with the evil grin". Dark murky thoughts not fit to be retold or shaped into words within my own mind. Frightening darkness of pure evil, noone knows where it comes from, where it was born; might be a whisper from dark demons outside the scope of my eyes, barely audible enough to seep into the shadow of my awareness, stepping stones near the surface of my unconscious. Or is it my unconscious tenderly hearing the demons of the collective? I do not know. As every sage through the aeons has said before me; I do not know. If Jung were to read this, he'd nod, smile a little, light his pipe, and perhaps utter; "good start my boy".
There is only one reason why the industrial nations fear Islam, for one of them believes in something and is prepared to fight for it while the other one has forgotten what this concept means while swimming in the sea of plenty.
There is only one way to fix your life; and that's breaking the rules you don't want to break.
This proves the value of opinions. If you don't make a stand for something, you fall for anything.
Though the #overdramatic consumer culture cannot see nature anymore, it doesn't mean that nature doesn't see you.
Time is a spiral like a circular river. To navigate time you need blood. {from vision}
Time is my best friend. Especially when waiting for an answer from stillness.
To laugh often, to win the respect of others and affection of friends. To see the best in others and forgive their flaws. To know that others lived well because you have lived. This is beautiful life.
Truth resonates within yourself. When you hear something, even if you don't understand the words, you feel deep within you if it is true or isn't. The feeling is close to enlightenment, something ...
Truthspeakers are rarely valued in their present times. But they still are society's way to look itself in the mirror, and usually it reflects later on the Truthspeaker with love and reverence.
TV? I'd rather be bored and living every minute myself, than safely entertained on a couch.
Values? Consider: principle, character, strength, dignity, freedom, justice.
We are much like seals than humans in many ways. We expect social cohesion and cultural interchange, also co-operation and communication, but I'm not typical seal.
We have more time to spend and to do things than ever before in history. We have more tools to do things than ever percieved to be possible. We have access to more knowledge than any library of old ever had, simply by our mobile phones. Yet we are over stressed, achieve less, and never have enough time.
We never know when a perfect sentence takes flight among people and facilitate a new and inspiring positive attitude.
We're going to transform the world. We'll make an empire of light in the world of darkness. The world lives in darkness of the evil, and evil has convinced the population about the idea of the end of the world and catastrophies, but you can fight evil with light. You can gather people together into this thought of conquering darkness and making it whither back. Helping people to understand that God doesn't have to be seen the way religion teaches, but as a huge wave of Love. That it appears in any form and is a unifying force against evil Imagine a flood of light, positivity and Love: Empire of loving kindness, in the darkness of the world. When you know what you stand for, nothing stands in your way.
What influences you? Choose your influences carefully. As they'll become part of who you are.
What is taught early, lasts for a long time.
What you give, without wanting anything in return, will get back to you positively, the other negatively. Take care.
What you teach early lasts for life.
When God is fire, it burns up your ideas, your perceptions and opens you up, but if you don't proceed to fill the gap with values. For you can choose in every single moment to be in the shadow or illumination then some entity you won't like might come in and fill the void.
When leading others, focus on what they don’t see, tell them bits, and move on. Some will follow, others' wont. Then rephraze until more will follow.
When the black sheep turns out to be the white sheep, the black sheep will turn on it and either destroy it or smear it any way they can.
When you hear someone explaining an idea to you, and you feel the idea is silly, don't say it. For a dreamer with a silly idea might be inspired by something great for humanity. You might not believe in impossible dreams. You might not have courage to make your own a reality. But please; don't suffocate other peoples dreams.
When you know what you stand for - nothing can stand in your way.
When you realize what you truly stand for. Then nothing will stop you from achieving your purpose.
When you realize, that you don't own life, and that life owns you, you cannot be depressed.
When you truly get it, you'll free yourself from all ideas imposed by others and simultaneously you cease to conform to anyone leading you. That day the evil in the world will crumble.
When you want time to move fast, it slows down. When you want it to slow down, it speeds up. When you don't mind, it doesn't either. Behold, your soul in the moment.
When your life is worth reading about, you've lived it.
When your personality is strong, but you don't believe in yourself. Then all kinds of people will abuse your strength and even turn against you. I'ts love: The world is lovingly showing you what you're made of.
Which house is better to live in? The one admired from the outside or the one admired from the inside?
While you believe that value can only be created through products, and while explanations sound better than your own mind, you'll buy into them.
Yes, Iceland is definitely the land of hidden elements. They are easy to see or experience when the mood is right. I sometimes joke that Iceland is the land at the end of the Universe, where the ancient gods sought refuge.
You ask about faith? I'll tell you about faith. A long time ago a man met a beutiful woman at a bar and they had a sweet adventure. The morning after he discovered that she was a cop. Feeling intimidated he decided not to see her again. A year went by and he had forgotten her name but he couldn't stop thinking about her. The had in fact spent the night at his place and he had no idea where she lived. It took him eight months and 78 speeding tickets to find her again. They have a family today.
You cannot put life in a box and neither can you put the will of God in a book. You can only find what is the will of God by first eliminating your primary, and only, sin, of not connecting with your core. God bless.
You like the awesome actores who play awesome parts, in popular movies. They are your heroes - and they're all invented. Why don't you invent something awesome?
You'll never get to world-class if you care about being liked. Pursue your vision.






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