Quotes by David Icke

David Icke

If they're isolated in the five senses, they cannot see the fact that there is not empty space between you and me ... there is a unified energy field beyond human sight that connects everything. Like expression of the same universal field of awareness. From the consciousness point of view there is no connection thus there is a sense of division and through that sense of division comes all the ways in which we are divided and ruled. Because we think of ourselves as different when we are all the same One. When a soldier shoots at another soldier it's the same consciousness shooting at itself. [This division is what the whole system is designed to do.]
Ordo ad chao - create chaos, offer solution to chaos.
What I see is fantastic limitless infinite potential. Enormouse infinite innate intelligence that's being manipulated into a level of sometimes breathtaking stupidity. And it is being done by disconnecting incarnate mind from noncarnate consciousness.
Whoever doesn't connect the dots, which are there to be connected by anyone with a braincell on active duty.






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