Quotes by Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan

Dogs can teach us to become more conscious about the energy that we project. World transformation comes with self transformation. Once you transform the way you think, everything around you changes and that's the beauty of having a dog. We always talk about the unconditional love dogs give us, but it's also the sense of awareness that dogs bring to us that help transform our lives.
Energy is what I call beingness; it is who and what you are in every moment.
Remember that everything you do or say around your puppy is “training.”
There's two formulas; one is exercise, discipline and affection which creates stability. The other is affection, affection, affection which creates instability. My clients tend to practice affection, affection, affection.
Through all of my interactions with people and dogs, one thing I know for certain. The world is an animal-loving, dog-loving place. The balance is what’s thrown off. So I have made it my mission to continue spreading this message of balance around the world. If we can do this with one dog, and one human at a time, maybe we can eventually bring that into entire communities and countries, so we can all live as my greatest teachers (dogs) do – mindfully aware, and emotionally in tune.
We're the only species that follows unstable Pack Leaders. Animals don't know how to do that, you cant buy the integrity of a dog.






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